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We welcome new members aged 55+ (partners can be 50) and there is no upper age limit for capable cyclists!  Memberships and renewals are available online. Membership fees are $15 for the FLC Seniors Club and $5 for the FLC Seniors Cycling Club, non-refundable, valid for the year from September 1 to August 31.


Scroll down to the Activities section and select Cycling when registering.

FLC Seniors Cycling Club membership benefits  

FLC Cycling Membership Information

  • Access to sign-up for our cycling club rides up to the designated rider limit per ride. 
  • Bike Banter: 'Old Spokes' - FLC Seniors Cycling Club newsletter.(See CLUB NEWSLETTERS)
  • Join the 'Old Spokes' private Facebook group.
  • Season Start-Up workshop and Season Wind-Up events

Members Gear

  • Old Spokes cycling jerseys can be ordered at our Spring Start-Up Event through our Jersey Coordinator, who can provide try-ons. Requests can also be submitted through the club email below. An order is placed when we have a minimum of 25 orders.
  • Old Spokes name tags can be requested and will be ordered as soon as a minimum of orders is received. 
  • FLC Seniors Cycling members can place their orders and find out about how to submit their payment by  filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected])
  • Use a subject of 'Jersey' or 'Name Tag' so your email can be directed to the respective coordinators.
  • Members who wish to sell their jerseys or equipment can contact the newsletter editorial team to place a for-sale ad. 

Change in your membership information?

 To keep connected to club activities, all members are responsible for keeping their membership information current: name, address, phone number, and e-mail.

Please provide updates. Contact the FLC Membership Coordinator by filling out this e-mail form ([email protected])

Inquiries about the FLC Seniors Cycling Club membership

Contact Rick Stothard, Membership Coordinator 403 281-4582

or via our club email by filing out this e-mail form