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Memberships are available online for new members and renewals. Membership fees are $15 for the FLC Seniors Club and $5 for the FLC Seniors Cycling Club, non-refundable, valid for the year from September 1 to August 31.

While we operate out of the Trico Centre, a Trico Centre membership is not required.


Scroll down to the Activities section and select Cycling when registering.

Then return to Cycling by using the left navigation bar.

FLC Seniors Cycling Club membership benefits  

FLC Cycling Membership Information

  • Access to sign-up for our cycling club rides up to the designated rider limit per ride. Currently, we are limited to groups of 10.
  • Bike Banter: 'Old Spokes' - FLC Seniors Cycling Club newsletter.
  • Join the 'Old Spokes' private Facebook group.
  • Season Start-Up workshop and Season Wind-Up events

Change in your membership information?

 To keep connected to club activities, all members are responsible for keeping their membership information current: name, address, phone number, and e-mail.

Please provide updates. Contact the FLC Membership Coordinator by filling out this e-mail form ([email protected])

Inquiries about the FLC Seniors Cycling Club membership

Contact Rick Stothard, Membership Coordinator 403 281-4582

or via our club email by filing out this e-mail form