FLC Seniors Cycling Club "Bike Banter' Newsletters

During our COVID-19 confinement, the Communications Committee launched a series of newsletters to bring some fun and information to our members.

Cycling Club members receive the 'Bike Banter' FLC Cycling Club newsletters via email.

Due to its popularity, the newsletter continues as an important 2-way communication tool, from Club Executive and Committees to members, and from members to each other through submissions to the Newsletter Team. We welcome your input, for example:

  • A suggestion of someone for a Member Profile article
  • A club photo or story or comment to share
  • A video or Weblink members could enjoy 
  • A cartoon, poem, meditation, or interesting image (please send the source of where you got it, so we can acknowledge copyright)

Contact us by  filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected]) Use the subject 'Newsletters'

Special Editions

To provide an orientation to new members, a special edition of our newsletter contains an overview of how to prepare for joining FLC Seniors Cycling Club rides.

  • Annual Report to Members Newsletters

Our annual report is presented in the form of a newsletter, distributed to members via email.