Photo Gallery

Photos illustrate our fun and camaraderie

This gallery provides a sampling of pictures taken during FLC Seniors Cycling Club rides and club activities. It is all about having fun together.





Bottomsland Park to Edworth ride level2 group        Lunchtime at Edworthy June 6 ride Level 2


Glennfield to Carburn ride L2 ride June 1 Level2                   Lunchtime Level 2


                                        Level 2 group ride Glennfield to Carburn 



                                                Cochrane Level 3, lunch time on the hill




 Shannon to Hull's Wood group Level 2 ride                  The male contingent lunch time on Level 2


                                                  Deer on the L2 Ride to Glennfield to Carburn                        


        Level 2 ride, Lunch at the Weir May 11                              Vietnamese memorial Level 2 ride


         Signs of spring Canada Geese                                     Lunch at the Weir, Level 2 ride 


          Group photo Mallard Shannon ride L2 ride                       View of the bike paths Level 2 May                   

      Northwest tour with Level 1, May 12                             Glenmore Reservoir Circuit, level 1 group


     Level 2 ride Bebo to Heritage Park                            Bebo to Heritage Park along Glenmore Reservoir


Heritage Park, lunch time with the men                             Time for suntanning



Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Level 3 ride                 Level 3 at top of the hill at Glenbow Park       









   If club members have a great photo of a club ride that you would like to submit, you can let us know by  filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected]) As a follow-up, we will send you an email address to submit your photos.