Photo Gallery

Photos illustrate our fun and camaraderie

This gallery provides a sampling of pictures taken during FLC Seniors Cycling Club rides and club activities. It is all about having fun together.




                                          Lake Bonavista Lunch break with Level 2 Riders



              June 28 Level 2 Ride 35 Kms around Fish Creek and suburbs to Lake Bonavista



                         Grizzly 1A                                                      Vermilion Lakes Level 2 Bike tour on 1A highway   


        Sheep on 1A Highway Level 2 tour in Banff                                 Black Bear



               Level 1 Ride, Edworthy Park                     Tour de Okotoks, level 1.75



            Lake Bonavista Level 2                                     Bragg Creek Level 3



       Bragg creek Level 3 Scenery                          Lake Bonavista - Level 2 Ride May







If club members have a great photo of a club ride that you would like to submit, you can let us know by  filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected]) As a follow-up, we will send you an email address to submit your photos.