Cycling Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Members shall have an up-to-date membership in the FLC Seniors Club plus membership in the cycling club.
  • Members must use the Ride Sign Up page for signing up for weekly cycling trips. Only those registered for a particular ride will be notified by email on the morning of the ride if the trip has been cancelled.Cycling Guidelines
  • We are a volunteer run club and need cyclists to take turns to lead and sweep. Just as we need a ride leader, it is also very important to have a sweep. The cycling club can only be successful if all members share the workload.

Preparing to ride 

  • Print and complete the Old Spokes Cycling Club Medical Information Form Card.   Include your name, address, home phone number, emergency contacts and their phone numbers, and necessary medical information ( Doctors’ name and phone number) and any known allergies. Put this document in your pannier bags of your bike and leave it there. This is so important if needed. 
  • Carry any necessary medication. A first aid kit is carried by the Ride Leader.
  • Ensure your bike is tuned up and in good working order.
  • Prepare ahead of time to be in physical shape to ride.
  • Wear a properly fitted cycling helmet and have a bell attached to your bike.
  • Choose an ability level: 1, 2 or 3. You can change to a different level of ride at any time.
  • Review weather forecasts on the morning of the ride and dress appropriately.
  • Carry bicycle repair tools, bicycle pump, inner tube.
  • Carry spare change for emergency phone calls or other needs.
  • Carry a cell phone if possible.
  • Have snacks, a lunch and a litre or more of water.

Cycling Club Rules

  • Be ready to ride at the ride starting point 15 minutes before the scheduled ride time.
  • Ride single file at all times. 
  • When stopping for any reason, please pull over to the right, and get completely off the pathway.   
  • If you are having trouble going up a hill, please pull over to the far right of the pathway to allow others behind you to proceed up the hill. 
  • As a courtesy, slower riders should stay near the end of the group so as not interfere with other riders keeping momentum when going up hills and keeping up with the group.
  • When passing pedestrians or other cyclists on the pathway, please do so courteously and ring your bell to let them know you are passing. If there are pedestrians on the pathway, and cyclists coming towards you as well, wait till the approaching bicycles have passed you before pulling out to pass the pedestrians.
  • When passing pedestrians, it is courteous to let them know how many cyclists will be following, i.e. 2 more, 10 more etc., or quite a few. If you are the last one it is nice to say, I'm the last one. Thank you.

  • When coming to an intersection, it is legally correct to walk your bicycle across the intersection.  That way you are considered a pedestrian and have the right of way.  When riding your bicycle, you are considered a vehicle, and must obey all rules of the road like a car.  Bunch up together to cross the intersection rather than crossing one at a time. Form groups if necessary to get across.  The Leader and Sweep ensure that all cyclists are across before starting up again to continue the ride.  If you cannot all get across just wait for the next light.  The group ahead will wait.
  • When turning a corner while cycling, the leader will put his arm out to indicate which direction he will be going.  Even if the leader forgets, each cyclist should put out his arm to indicate the turn, all the way down through the cyclists.  Then the Sweep at the end of the cyclists will know which direction the leader is going to turn.
  • If you come to a corner, that could be missed by other cyclists behind, it is appreciated if one cyclist (preferably the one behind the leader) would get off their bicycle, and stay at the corner, to ensure that all cyclists go the right way, then he/she can get back into the group line-up, to proceed with the group cycle. If another corner comes up then the next person behind the leader can do the same thing. 
  • Have a buddy system. Look out for the cyclist behind you, and be aware if he/she is not following you.
  • It is up to all of us to make sure that these rules are enforced by everyone.

  • Always follow the directions of the trip leader.

We strive to be the most courteous cycling group on the pathways,
and appreciate your co-operation.

Riding City Pathways

As a Cycling Club member, you are encouraged to inform yourself of City of Calgary By-Laws for Riding Pathways.