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 The FLC Seniors Club Theatre Calgary program involves attending a special Saturday afternoon Seniors Matinee for each play. While the Club does not provide transportation to these plays, there is easy access via the LRT as well as always plenty of parking spaces available within walking distance from the theatre. By booking through our Club, members benefit from the group rate for some of the best seats in the House and enjoy a pre-show reception exclusively for seniors.

Location: Theatre Calgary - 220 9th Ave S E                   

When: Saturdays at 2:00 pm.

FLC Seniors Theatre Calgary  2019 - 2020 Season

 Saturday September 28:  NOISES OFF

 What typically goes on behind the scenes. Witness a group of actors humorously navigate their rehearsal just hours before performing British sex comedy "Nothing On". This  is an exhilirating farce with banter that will have laughing until it hurts.   

The ticket price for this play is only $48.00

Saturday November 2: ICELAND

This powerfull one act, expertly written Canadian born piece, follows three imperfect characters through their relationships with money, greed and righteousness. Told through three interconnected monologues, this dark comedy explores humanity and the state of capitalism.

The ticket price for this play is $48.00

Saturday December 14: A CHRISTMAS CAROL

Theatre Calgary maintains the tradition of presenting Charles Dickens' play at this time of the year, and one of the highlight of this year's show is that Stephen Hair is playing the role of Ebenezer Scrooge for the 26th year.

The ticket price for this play is $55.000

Saturday February 15 2020: THE LOUDER WE GET

 This dazling musical follows the compelling and inspirational true story of Mark Hall as he navigates the Catholic school system to fight is right to take his boyfriend to the prom. With colour pop-inspired songs and heart warming unity, you won't want to miss this electric love story.

The ticket price for this play is $48.00

Saturday March 28 2020: ADMISSION

The Admission Director at a New England prep school aims to change the school for the better throught inceasing inclusivity and diversity. When her son and his black best friend apply to Yale, her vision for her son's future gets in the way of her liberal white beliefs. 

The play, written by Joshua Harmon, the author of BAD JEWS, which some of you may remember seeing a couple of years ago, is another stunning, raw, honest and hilarious depiction of humanity.

The ticket price for this play is $48.00


Four Rock n'Roll  legends are brought together in Memphis Tennessee at Sun Record Studios for an impromptu jam session. Prepare for a blast of the past! You are in the recording studio with Jonny Cash, Jerry Leee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley. You see them play together for the first and only time. These nostalgic classicwill have you wanting tojump outof your seat to dance.  

The ticlet price for this musical show is $55.00


Club members who have participated to the Seniors Matinee, or have expressed interest in it, will receive emails, reminding them of each play, about five weeks prior to the Seniors Matinee of that play. 

Contact & Coordinator: John Buysschaert at 403-271-0622
Contact by filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected])


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