FLC Seniors Bus Tours


The FLC Seniors Bus Tour Group organize interesting and informative one day bus trips outside of Calgary.

Tours include a large comfortable bus, guided tours or plays, lunch, and a must have souvenir shop.

Your Bus Tour committee has planned new and exciting bus trips for 2019.

We hope you enjoy them.


Note the sign up dates. On or after the sign up date, click on the green "Sign Up", enter your FLC membership numbers, add a car license number and comment if needed, and click OK. 

You must have a current FLC membership to register for any of our trips.                 

General Information

Registrations must be made online using the Green Sign-Up Box under UPCOMING BUS TOURS information displayed below.  "Message" requests to register others or for special seating are not filled.

Payment for trips are at the Trico Centre on the dates listed in more details. Payment for tours can be made either in cash or cheque payable to FLC Seniors Bus Tours.

Payments will not be refunded, except if a person from the wait list fills the cancelled persons place.

We welcome your suggestions for other trips...please email the Coordinator at  [email protected]

Contact & Coordinator: Ron Antonchuk (403) 203-1772       

Contact by filling out this e-mail form ([email protected])   Please include your FLC Membership Number in all correspondence.


Upcoming Bus Tours