FLC Seniors Bus Tours

The FLC Seniors Club Bus Tour committee organizes interesting and informative one day bus trips in Alberta. Tours include a large comfortable bus to and from venues.  The committee welcomes suggestions for future trips.

Contact & Coordinator: Christine Grant 

Contact by e-mail at [email protected].  Please include your FLC membership number in all correspondence

UPcoming  bus Tour

Danish Canadian Museum

Wednesday August 7 2024

Bus Leaves Parking lot at 8:30AM

*** Parking Change: Our new parking and bus pickup is the Deerfoot Inn and Casino in their lot South of the Hotel ***

You do NOT need to provide your license plate number

Boarding Starts at 8:15AM

Registration opens Tuesday July 9 at 8:00AM and closes July 22 at 12:00PM

Come explore a piece of Alberta’s Danish heritage on Wednesday, August 7, a cultural and culinary experience! We will travel by coach to the Danish Canadian Museum in Red Deer County.  We will have the morning to wander the beautiful grounds (14 acres in total) and heritage buildings:  gardens, forest pathways, pond, bridge, and a gorgeous wooden Viking boat.  Discover at your own pace, or join in the 40-minute guided tour.  Grounds are accessible, and there is a golf cart for those with mobility issues.  

Lunch at the wonderful Saga Café, self-serve style.  We will be eating SMØRREBRØD, open-faced sandwiches (and yes, gluten-free options are available).  Please click to see these items on the menu:  https://www.danishcanadianmuseum.com/the-saga-cafe

and  to help the kitchen provide an ample amount of each, indicate your two preferences in the 'Message to Registrar' box which you will see after you enter your membership number.

Along with cucumber & red cabbage salad:
•    sild (herring)
•    Havarti cheese
•    æg og rejer (egg shrimp) 
•    spegepølse (salami)
•    roast beef
•    ham with creamed vegetables                                                      

Then desserts are brought out, again self-serve style, in individual small mason jars.  A note about lunch beverages:  coffee and tea, water, iced tea and lemonade are included, but anyone requesting pop/soda or alcoholic beverages will be charged extra.

Bring some extra cash if you would like for homemade pastries and the gift shop which features local and Danish items.

Before returning to Calgary, time permitting, make a stop at historic Markerville to visit the Creamery Museum and perhaps enjoy an ice cream.


Registrations for bus tours now use the Online Registration System, which lets you register yourself and member friends,  and pay for your bus tours, all online.  Parking for bus trips is the the Deerfoot Inn and Casino in the lot south of the hotel.  You no longer need to provide your car license number 

To register for the trip, click on the big green rectangle for the trip when it is shown on the FLC Bus Tours web page.

If registration is open, you can enter your FLC membership number, and a comment if needed. Use the comments to advise any special dietary or allergy issues.  

  • If you are registered on the 'active' list, you can pay securely by using your credit card.

You must have a current FLC membership to register for any of our trips.   You can find information about buying or renewing an FLC Seniors Club membership by clicking here.

Note all bus trips, except Rosebud Theatre, involve some walking; wear appropriate footwear. 


  • Cancel up to 6 days after the day registration opens for a full refund (e.g. if registration opens Monday, you must cancel by Sunday end of day).
  • Cancellations after day 6 until registration closes will receive a refund minus $25.
  • Cancellations after registration closes will not receive a refund, as Bus Tours must confirm attendance at the event and make the final payment which is non refundable.

UpComing bus Tours:

  •  We are exploring the possibility of a bus only trip to Canmore in September
  • December 5 will be the Christmas trip to Rosebud for Christmas on the Air.  We will have 2 buses for this trip, if the numbers warrant.