Cycling Rides

Alerts before signing up

  • We require membership in both the FLC Seniors Club and the FLC Seniors Cycling clubs to participate (see MEMBERSHIP for more information.)

Signing up for a ride

  • We ask ride leaders to post rides up to two weeks in advance, with member sign-up permitted one week ahead.
  • To view and register for upcoming rides, click on the Sign-Up buttons
  • Later, if you wish to deregister, do so as soon as possible to provide notice and space for another rider; enter your membership number and click on the cancel button.
  • A leader who cancels an event will send a notification to all registered riders by 8 o'clock on the ride's morning.

FLC Cycling Ride Level Descriptions and Schedules

All Levels:

  • Pedal-assist Ebikes with a speed limit and 500-watt maximum power complying with City and Provincial pathways' regulations are welcome (see Guidelines.)
  • Members can register for a ride at 8 am on the designated sign-up day.
  • Rides typically start in the morning. Riders should pack a lunch unless ride details specify otherwise.
Day and Level Description Links to more information
and schedules
Tuesday Level 1 Level 1 rides are between 13 and 17 kph. Starting in May, they work up to 20 km distance by about the first week of June. See information
Friday Level 1 Rides are under 30 km, scenic, many new, no hills or minor ones. Five out-of-town trips. Slightly brisker pace for the more experienced Level 1 riders. Breaks, no one left behind. See schedule
Tuesday and Thursday Level 2 Cycle a minimum of 30 km, moderate 18 - 20 kph pace on the flat, some hills. Our numerous ride leaders ensure we have varied scenic and informative routes in locations around the city and beyond. Much camaraderie on our breaks. See
Regular schedules
Ad-hoc rides
Wednesday and Saturday Level 3 Usually, 40 - 70 km long at a somewhat faster pace than Level 2, longer and steeper hills we most often ride up, fewer breaks. Rest stops on hilltops, viewpoints, at washrooms, snacks, lunch. See
Wednesday schedule
Saturday schedule
Various days, Leader Training, all three levels Reserved for members interested or considering becoming a ride leader, or leaders wanting to upgrade their skills or become coordinators. See schedule

How to Create a SHORTCUT on your computer desktop to FLC Cycling Website 

NOTE: As of September 1, 2021, you need to first register with the FLC Seniors Club for the 2021-22 membership year, and also register for the FLC Cycling Club BEFORE you sign up for any ride from this point forward. 

 To keep each other as safe as possible, and due to the vulnerability of some members and their families, cycling members are encouraged to be double vaccinated before joining our rides. Please be observant to wear a mask when appropriate, and social distance while riding and lunching (unless you have permission to draw closer). Thanks!