FLC Seniors Acting Club

Announcing Our Next Production in the

Being Creative Series

June 26-30/24

Imagine the sudden, unexpected death of your partner or spouse!  What would you do? Join Beth on a journey of discovery and renewal as she navigates her way through grief.  As well as examining the serious side of grief, the play takes a satirical jab at post-funeral interactions and family dynamics. Join us for some non-stop, whiz bang action! Recommended for ages 14 and up.

For tickets, please go to: https://tickets.morpheustheatre.ca/TheatreManager/160/login?event=1006

Parking is available at the rear of Theatre 1308 as well as on 13 Ave. NE or Edmonton Trail NE. after 6 pm.

OUR PUrpose

The primary purpose of our club is to offer 55+ adults the opportunity to learn about and experience different aspects of live theatre including Acting, Directing, and Technical Theatre.  We also help you discover your inner creativity through classes in Improvisation, Stand-Up Comedy and Playwrighting. After getting some training and experience, you may also wish to take part in one of our productions. All classes are two hours long for six weeks and will take place in the Senior's Lounge at the Trico Centre, 11150 Bonaventure Drive SE and/or online.

FLC Acting Club members showcase their stand-up comedy talents

Several Acting Club members were given the opportunity to show off their funny bones at the Kingshead Pub Comedy Night Extravaganza organized by instructor Tarah Buchanan on April 21.  It was a packed house and everyone had a blast, especially these goofy looking people.

scenes from our most recent production, "talk to Me"

Written by Emily Katherine, directed by Val Pearson  and dramaturged by Trevor Rueger, Talk to Me, examined the complexity of family dynamics. Here are a few scenes from the play:





Stay Tuned for Our FALL 2024 class Line-Up

For more information about past instructors or courses, please click here.


The fee to take a six-week course is $60 for each course. A minimum of 7 registrants is required to hold the course.


    • In order to register for these courses, you must first become a member of the FLC Seniors Club. Membership is a nominal annual fee of $15. Please click on the following link to register for your membership: https://www.flcseniors.ca/membership
    • To register for Acting Club classes please fill out this form with a list of the classes you want to take.
    • Then email the form to [email protected]  OR click Send. Please do not send payment with registration, see below for payment information.


☐ Cheque                            ☐ E-Transfer                           ☐ Receipt Required (will be emailed)

Once you have registered, you will be given instructions on how to submit your payment.

Please indicate which classes you are taking on your cheque or your E-Transfer.

Withdrawal policy:

  • Participants who submit a written withdrawal from the class 7 days prior to the first session will receive a full refund.
  • Participants who submit a written withdrawal from the class after the first session will receive a prorated refund (total amount of class minus the first session).
  • Participants who withdraw from the class after two sessions will not be eligible for a refund.


Contact the following people at [email protected]

Coordinator: Rose Bene                               Assistant Coordinator: Carolyn Wright

Membership and Registration: Carolyn Wright