Activities at FLC

The FLC Seniors Club offers a wide range of Activities.

Click on any of the links listed below for a complete description including times, how and when to register. See the Activity Coordinators Page for the names and contact information of the activity coordinators.

  • Acting Club
    The Acting Club provides participants with a well rounded training and deeper understanding of how live theatre works. We offer a variety of classes in such areas as Improvisation, Shakespearean Comedy, Ute Hagan Acting, Dialects, Reader's Theatre, Collective Theatre, etc. See our web page for the current schedule of classes.
  • Alberta Theatre Projects
    Alberta Theatre Projects is a Calgary-based, not-for-profit, professional theatre company that celebrates the art of live theatre. The company produces world-calibre shows with a focus on idea-driven new works, plays by Canadian playwrights, and contemporary theatre from around the world. It is also a national leader in new play development and dramaturgy.
  • Bridge
    Various Bridge Groups are Available - Tues. Evening Social Duplicate Drop In, - Thurs. Afternoon Drop In - Thurs. Evening Social Drop in – Bridge Lessons (sign up)
  • Brushstrokes
    FLC Seniors Brushstrokes offers classes Monday through Friday in oil, water color and acrylics fine-art painting. Sessions run for ten week periods.
  • Bus Tours
    The FLC Bus Tours, which are open to all FLC Seniors Club Members, are available on a first come first served basis. Various sites in Alberta are being considered as well as the stand by of Rosebud Theatre.
  • Calligraphy
    Calligraphy is the fine art of decorative letter writing. It is an art that anyone can learn. Come and join the FLC Seniors Calligraphy group and explore this beautiful art form.
  • Camera Club
    Welcome digital photographers of all levels, from beginners who just bought a new camera and want to know what all the buttons are for to the experienced user who would like to work on some new techniques.
  • Casino
    With Casino funding we have been able to support all of our club activities making them much more affordable for our FLC Seniors in Calgary.
  • Coffee Group
    The FLC Seniors Coffee Group is a drop in gathering in the FLC Seniors Lounge. All FLC Senior club members, male or female, are welcome to attend.
  • Cribbage
    This is a very popular afternoon drop in game open to all FLC Seniors. If you know how to play Crib, we welcome you to drop-in to play.
  • Curling
    Our mixed curling is open to all FLC Seniors in the Calgary area aged 55+. The level of curling talent is of little importance. This also includes “stick curling”.
  • Cycling
    The FLC Seniors Old Spokes Cycle Club provides a variety of cycling rides in and around Calgary each week for all levels of FLC Seniors cyclists.
  • Golf
    Our FLC Seniors Club Mixed Golf (55+) is an outing of fun, exercise and socialization. As a group we benefit from senior rates and block bookings.
  • Jubilations
    Jubilations is an upbeat stage & restaurant offers a 3-course meal & an interactive musical theatre performance.
  • Line Dancing
    Line Dancing is very popular among seniors - it's fun, there is great camaraderie, and there is no need for a partner.
  • Mahjong
    Mah Jong is a challenging ancient Chinese game played with domino like tiles. If you are familiar with any style of Mahjong, you are welcome to join us as the basic rules for most styles are the same.
  • Outdoor Club
    We include in this activity - Birding / Snowshoeing / Walking
  • Pool
    We will be playing once per week at Chills (next to Canyon Meadows theatres), playing scotch doubles, alternating partners each week, playing at 1 pm on Tuesdays, playing for 2 to 3 hours at a cost of $10 per person. A current FLC Seniors Club membership is required. If interested, please contact Bob at [email protected]
  • Qigong
    An ancient Chinese Health Care System. People do Qigong to maintain health, heal their bodies, calm their minds, and reconnect with their spirit. It also creates a balanced life style, which brings greater harmony, stability.
  • Social
    Our 4 Social Events, held yearly, are open to all FLC Seniors Club Members. The Fall event is the FLC Seniors Club Fall Luncheon & Annual General Meeting, for Winter we have a FLC Seniors Christmas Social, in Spring is the FLC Seniors March into Spring and in June we have a FLC Seniors Summer Barbecue
  • Stage West Theatre
    Stage West Theatre Restaurant features great food, service and entertainment all in one location. The sumptuous brunch buffet is included with each performance.
  • Tai Chi
    Tai Chi is a centuries old Chinese martial art consisting of slow rhythmic and meditative movements that use internal energy to promote peace, calm and strength.
  • Theatre Calgary
    The FLC Seniors Club Theatre Calgary program involves attending a special Saturday afternoon Seniors Matinee for each play and always has a pre-show reception reserved just for us Seniors.
  • Tile Rummy
    A tile-based game for two to four players, combining elements of the card game rummy and mahjong.
  • Trico Centre Drop-In Classes
    The FLC Seniors Club and the TRICO Centre, encourage you to come out and participate in any of the many senior programs TRICO offers - Aqua Boot Camp / Aqua Fitness / Aqua Therapy / Fit & Fab / Gentle Fitness
  • Vertigo Theatre
    The Vertigo Theatre is a professional theatre company specializing in mysteries. By booking through the FLC Seniors Club, members benefit from the group rates.
  • Whist
    Whist is a very popular afternoon drop in card game open to all FLC Seniors and all are welcome to come and join.
  • Workshop Theatre
    This FLC Seniors Workshop Theatre Alliance presentations have been reinstated for the up coming theatre season.
  • Yoga
    Yoga is a system of breathing exercise, movements and relaxation techniques that stretch and strengthen your body, keeping your mind and spirit working together in harmony.