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In 2002 our Board of Directors headed up by President Fred Fawcett realized that costs to operate our FLC Seniors Club were becoming an increasing financial burden. It was decided to approach the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission for approval to obtain a license to participate in their Casino program. We had always been a well run organization and when we made the submission to Alberta Gaming in early 2003, we were awarded our first Casino to take place on January 10, 2004. Since then with subsequent Casino funding we have been able to support all of our club activities making them much more affordable for our seniors in Calgary.

FLC seniors CLUB Casino Activities

We welcome new volunteers who may be interested in assisting with our future casinos.
Please use the e-mail form below or contact Mike to insure your name is on our list of volunteers.

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Location: Cash Casino - 4040 Blackfoot Trail SE
When:  To Be Announced

                               Cash Casino

Contact & Coordinator: Mike Hughes  Phone 403-278-3669

Contact by filling out this e-mail form. (casino@flcseniors.ca)


 Trico Centre Casino Activities

Staffed by FLC Seniors Club Volunteers

In 2006 a decision was taken by our FLC Seniors Club board to take over the volunteer activities of the Family Leisure Centre Casino. This included the General Manager and all other positions in the actual running of their Casino. This was welcome news to the Family Leisure Centre management and Board as it relieved them of the responsibility of finding volunteers and managing the Casino. It also fulfilled part of our agreement with the Family Leisure Centre in supporting them with volunteers for fundraising activities.

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For The  

  Trico Centre

-Staffed by FLC Seniors Club Volunteers-

Location: CASH CASINO                     Home

When:    MONDAY September 24th 2018

        and TUESDAY September 25th 2018

Please do not hesitate to give Mike a call or fill out the e-mail form to add your name to our volunteer list for one or both of the Casino’s. It would be very much appreciated!

Contact & Coordinator:
Mike Hughes  Phone 403-278-3669

Contact by filling out this e-mail form. (casino@flcseniors.ca)