FLC Seniors Workshop Theatre

 The FLC Seniors Workshop Theatre Productions are returning again for the 2018-2019 season with more theatre  

We will still be called Workshop Theatre to avoid any confusion but this year we will be seeing productions from Confederation Theatre and Morpheus Theatre, both great local theatre companies situated at Pumphouse Theatre.  As well we will be introduced to Front Row Centre, a musical theatre local group located in Beddington Heights.  We are excitied to have such variety from our local theatre groups in Calgary.

Workshop Theatre in Calgary

Location: The Pumphouse Theatre - 2140 Pumphouse Ave SW

When: Wednesday Evenings - See the schedule below

Cost: $ 20

Contact & Coordinator: Joanne Anson at 403-278-7616

2018-2019 PRODUCTIONS;

October 3, 2018 - UNNECESSARY FARCE (Morpheus Theatre)

This is Eric and Billie's chance.  They have this one opportunity to prove they have what it takes to become fulfledged members of the police force. The hotel rooms are booked,the recording equipment is set up,the informant has been prepped and the suspect is on the way. It is all so simple and straight-forward so naturally everything goes catastrophically wrong. Come watch this side-splitting hilarious comedic farce.

November 28, 2018 - HAPPY DEATH DAYS (Confederation Theatre)

A murder mystery by Calgary's well known movie and drama critic, Louis Hobson.  We all make enemies, but Burt Welford has made more than most.  Perhaps it's his arrogance, conceit and self-importance.  But why dwell on his good points.  It's now time for Barrett to grow up.  He's 21 today and soon the party will be over.  Time to blow out the candles for the last time and everyone to make a wish.  You never know.  Some wishes do come true.


It's time again for more holiday pantomime fun at Morpheus Theatre. It's the story you know, brilliantly adapted for merriment, mirth and fun. Come join Snow White, cosmically charged mushrooms, a dedicated Squirrel brigade and of course the loveable seven dwarfes and the evil Queen.


Contact by filling out this e-mail form. (workshop@flcseniors.ca)


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Bus Details:

Departure is from the South East corner of the South Centre parking lot, 
(South of the Library and West of the CIBC).

The cost to attend INCLUDES your round trip bus ride to the theatre as well as your ticket to the performance.

Please remember to bring your envelope (to the bus) 
with payment enclosed and your name/names on the outside.
No cheques please, we ONLY accept CASH - bills, toonies and loonies.
Please no small change.

Bus starts Loading         6:15pm
Departure Time               6:30pm
Performances Start        7:30pm

NOTE: If parking at South Centre (South East corner) to ride the bus - 
YOUR Automobile License # is required by SC management. 

IF YOU DRIVE - Tickets will be available for $20 by showing your FLC Seniors Club Membership Card at the box office

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