FLC Seniors Outdoor Club

Activities of the FLC Seniors Outdoor Club are suspended until mid-April. The first birding trip will be on Thursday, April 22; sign up by green button below (Covid restrictions limit us to 10 participants). We are hoping to resume walks on Wednesday, May 12, in compliance with AHS Covid-19 guidelines. 

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FLC Seniors and Outdoor Club membership can be renewed online. Please see instructions at the bottom of this page.


Fish Creek Park         November 13, 2020


Weaselhead Flats         November 20, 2020


    Welcome to the FLC Seniors Outdoor Club. Our club walks throughout the year; bird watching and snowshoeing are seasonal. We also have some special events.

  • All events and activities are for Outdoor Club members only. See Membership Information for how to join at bottom of page (scroll down).
  • We ask that everyone wear their name tag, bring their FLC Seniors membership card and carry their Medical Emergency Card on all outings (medical emergency card is available at the first activity attended) .
  • Information on activities - meeting locations and times are available on this web page.
  • Information about Special Events may be sent through email messages.


We have 2 walking groups: Leisure Walkers, and Intermediate and Fast Walkers. Spring and summer walks are mainly taken along the many pathways around Calgary and are selected for the scenery and interest they offer to seniors. Starting points vary and participants are expected to reach these points by their own arrangements. Join the group which best meets your needs. Both groups are welcoming and social.

Intermediate and Fast Walkers


Otherwise, we are using the winter walking schedule - always at Fish Creek Park, always starting at 10 AM. The meeting point on the 1st Wednesday of each month is at Mallard Point, all other Wednesdays of the month at the Glennfield parking lot (washrooms available). Walks are 8 - 10+ km long and 2 - 2½ hours long.

Contact & Coordinator:   vacant

Leisure Walkers

The Leisure Walks are CANCELLED FOR THE SEASON. Our walks will hopefully resume this SPRING. We will be offering two levels of walks then. LEVEL 1 will be 1½ hours long and approximately 5 to 6 km. LEVEL 2 will be 1 hour long and approximately 4 to 5 km. Both walks will always begin at the same location announced on this Outdoor web page each week for the following Wednesday. We hope that you will have a wonderful Fall and Winter with exercise and walks. Keep healthy and safe.

Contact & Coordinator:   Dagmar   403-239-3278



Snowshoeing will focus on winter enjoyment in Calgary and surrounding areas. Outings will vary in time from 2 – 5 hours depending on location. We will have 2 groups – Intermediate Group, and Leisure Group whose outing location, pace and length will be geared to the participants.

Calgary - Fish Creek areas, Maple Ridge Golf Course, Cross Conservation Area, Bragg Creek, Sandy McNabb area, and Kananaskis Country.

Leisure Group - enjoy 2 hours of snowshoeing; Intermediate Group - over 2 hours.

COME EARLY, HAVE EQUIPMENT ON,  ADJUSTED AND BE READY TO START AT 10:00 AM (unless another start time is posted).

Weather Guidelines: We will snowshoe at temperatures up to -15C with no wind, or -10C with a slight wind. Please check the weather forecast for 10:00 AM. It will be our source for weather. Come dressed in layers; bring snacks, water (and a lunch - Intermediate Group). Please remember your medical cards, poles, gaiters, snowshoes and icers.

Please check here for changes or cancellations of snowshoeing outings every Friday morning in winter before 8 AM.

Leisure Group:

Sadly, I am postponing all Leisure Snowshoeing activities until further notice. Individuals certainly can go out on their own; however, there will be no group outings organized through the Outdoor Club due to the Covid-19 pandemic and serious rises in Alberta’s and Calgary’s numbers of infections. Hopefully everyone is healthy and we can slow this down for the new year.

Contact & Coordinator:   vacant

Intermediate Group:

A quick word about Event #2 in the Weaselhead on Friday, November 20. "Awesome"! Everyone met in the parking lot at the designated time and I read the Covid caution and took attendance. This is for contact tracing, as I don't count at the end as there are always a few losses. :) What a great turnout, 16 brave souls and several new faces. We geared up and slid our way down to the shore of Glenmore Reservoir and then along/on the shoreline. We stopped for a picture in the sunshine just under the nesting platform, it was already close to 0 and no wind. Shortly after I encouraged everyone to spread out, maintain their distances and keep closer to the edge. Then it was up into the forest with lovely views below and a rhythm to the hills adding to the enjoyment. The next picture spot was on the floating bridge, again in the sun, life was good. After that we experienced a couple of oxbows, many twists and turns and great views until we came to the lunch spot. It was 11:55 so technically I was not late calling the break, right Marilyn? We spread out and enjoyed lunch with the chickadees and squirrel. I even managed to scrounge a bit of extra food. It pays to have friends. Several members started off on the main path and the rest of us went up the cutline. It had cooled off while we ate and a bit of wind had come up, many people were feeling a chill. As luck would have it we had several hills dead ahead, and after a couple of abrupt changes in elevation.... warmth had returned to the group. I congratulated myself on being able to solve that problem so quickly. Then it was back to the parking lot, total time was 3 hours. I said it felt like we had done 10 km but Larry had the GPS and it was only 9. :(

Contact & Coordinator:   Bob MacNeill, 780-505-0000



Location: Calgary and surrounding area.                                           

When: Please sign up for events using the green button at the bottom of this page. We are limited to 10 participants at this time. Also remember your mask and binoculars (or camera if you prefer). Be prepared to answer the questions regarding Covid at the start. We will practice social distancing and masking for the duration of the event.

Contact & Coordinator:   Jennifer Bryden, 403-870-3817

Contact by filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected])



Note:   Outdoor Club Executive and persons assisting with events may be on the list before sign up opens to Outdoor Club members. No refunds will be considered after payment is completed.

FLC Seniors Outdoor Club President:

Contact:   Phyllis Thornton, 403-272-4108
Contact by filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected])

Membership Information:

Current FLC Seniors members may join/purchase an Outdoor Club membership for $5.00.  This is done through the FLC website - Membership. Go to Membership Info, Renew or Sign Up Online.  Select Activities - Sign Up.  Select Outdoor Club from List.  For more information:

Contact:   Jane Braathen, 403-287-1593

Contact by filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected])


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