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Check Walking below for details on weekly activities.


Fish Creek Park - Votier's Flats       September 28, 2022


Nose Hill Park       October 5, 2022


   Welcome to the FLC Seniors Outdoor Club. Our club walks throughout the year; bird watching and snowshoeing are seasonal. We also have some special events.

  • All events and activities are for Outdoor Club members only. See Membership Information for how to join at bottom of page (scroll down).
  • We ask that everyone wear their name tag, bring their FLC Seniors membership card and carry their Medical Emergency Card on all outings (medical emergency card is available at the first activity attended) .
  • Information on activities - meeting locations and times are available on this web page.
  • Information about Special Events may be sent through email messages.


We have 2 walking groups: Leisure Walkers (2 levels) and Intermediate Walkers. Spring and summer walks are mainly taken along the many pathways around Calgary and are selected for the scenery and interest they offer to seniors. Starting points vary and participants are expected to reach these points by their own arrangements on time. Join the group which best meets your needs. Both groups are welcoming and social. No Sign Up needed.

Intermediate Walkers

Walks are 8 - 10+ km long, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours long, with variable terrain.

Date:               October 12, 2022
Time:              10:00 AM
Meeting Point: Bebo Grove parking lot in West Fish Creek Park
Location:         Fish Creek Park - Bebo Grove, Shannon Terrace
Directions: from Macleod Trail drive west onto Anderson road. Turn left onto 24th St. and continue south. 24th St. turns into a narrow single paved road into the Bebo Grove parking lot. 
Route details: we will walk west from the parking lot, then ascend to a viewpoint in Woodbine. Continue westbound and turn south at the Stoney Trail sound wall. Descend to Shannon Terrace looping back to Bebo Grove. We will be walking on paved and gravelled trails. Approximately 1.5 hours.
Coffee will be determined after the walk.
Please bring the following: FLC membership card with emergency info, good walking shoes and water.
Leader:   Deana Michtich  403-680-3286

Contact & Coordinator:   Jane  403-287-1593

Leisure Walkers

We are offering two levels of walks. LEVEL 1 will be 1½ hours long and approximately 5 to 6 km. LEVEL 2 will be 1 hour long and approximately 4 to 5 km. Both walks will always begin at the same location announced on this Outdoor Club web page each week for the following Wednesday.

Date:                October 12, 2022
Time:               10:00 AM – please arrive before 9:55 AM
Meeting Point:  Bebo Grove parking lot
Location:          Fish Creek Park - Bebo Grove to Shannon Terrace and beyond
Directions: Bebo Grove is located at the south end of 24th Street S.W. which becomes the Bebo Grove parking lot.
Route details: we will walk west on soft and paved paths and return.
Coffee: A&W located on 24th Street S.W. and Southland Drive S.W. in the Co-Op/Oakridge Shopping Centre.
Leader:   Robyn  403-271-0775

Contact & Coordinator:   Robyn  403-271-0775

Alternate Walks

Ad Hoc Dates - contact us if you would/could lead a walk on an alternate day. 



Location: Calgary and surrounding area.

When: Birding activities are scheduled in April, May, June.  Remember your binoculars (or camera if you prefer). New birders are welcome.

The last birding for this year was on June 17.  Thanks to everyone for participating.  I really appreciated the knowledgeable members and everyone's enthusiasm.
Birding Coordinator for 2023 is needed!


Snowshoeing will focus on winter enjoyment in Calgary and surrounding areas. Outings will vary in time from 2 – 5 hours depending on location. We will have 2 groups – Intermediate Group, and Leisure Group whose outing location, pace and length will be geared to the participants.

Calgary - Fish Creek areas, Maple Ridge Golf Course
Cross Conservation Area, Bragg Creek, Sandy McNabb area, Kananaskis Country.

Leisure Group - enjoy 2 hours of snowshoeing; Intermediate Group - over 2 hours.

COME EARLY, HAVE EQUIPMENT ON,  ADJUSTED AND BE READY TO START AT 10:00 AM (unless another start time is posted).

Weather Guidelines: We will snowshoe at temperatures up to -15C with no wind, or -10C with a slight wind. Please check the weather forecast for 10:00 AM. It will be our source for weather. Come dressed in layers; bring snacks, water (and a lunch - Intermediate Group). Please remember your medical cards, poles, gaiters, snowshoes and icers.

Please check here for changes or cancellations of snowshoeing outings every Friday morning in winter before 8 AM.

Leisure Group:

Check back here shortly before winter 2022 - 2023.
Contact & Coordinator:   Phyllis Thornton, 403-272-4108. Email: [email protected]

Intermediate Group:

Check back here shortly before winter 2022 - 2023.
Contact & Coordinator:   Bob MacNeill, 780-505-0000
FLC Seniors Outdoor Club President:

Contact:   Sue Wilson, 
Contact by filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected])

Membership Information:

2022 - 2023 memberships are available online only starting September 1, 2022 for renewals and new members.  Payment to be made by credit card.

FLC Seniors membership is $15.00; the Outdoor Club membership is $5.00. This is done through the FLC website - Membership. Go to Membership Info, Renew or Sign Up Online. Select Activities - Sign Up. Select Outdoor Club from List.  

For more information:

Contact:   Diane Philie, 403-999-5225

Contact by filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected])

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