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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body – Exercise!

  • Exercise is one of the keys to a healthy mind and body.
  • Exercise is invigorating and can be done at any age.
  • It’s never too late to exercise.

The FLC Seniors Club and Trico Centre for Family Wellness encourage you to come out and participate in any of the many senior programs Trico Centre has to offer. A Trico Centre membership provides access to all drop-in fitness classes, early program registration, ability to pause your membership at no cost, and a 20% discount on most registered programs. Or drop-in with us and attend our classes with our drop-in admission rate.

For more information, to sign up for an affordable membership, to register for programs, or purchase admission, please feel free to visit Guest Services on the lower level, or visit us online at www.tricocentre.ca.

2024 Trico Centre Golf Classic

The Trico Centre Charity Golf Classic was a tremendous fundraising success in 2023 and we are aiming even higher in 2024! Your vital support allows us to continue to offer unparalleled, affordable access to health, fitness, and community-building programming and services for children, families, and seniors. Please join us in 2024 as a sponsor, golfer, or prize donor – your generosity truly matters.

$250 Individual  |  $480 Twosome  |  $950  Foursome

Contact [email protected] for more information or to register today!

Drop-in Fitness Programs

The following drop-in fitness programs are specially designed for seniors and are included in your Trico Centre membership. 10 visit passes and daily drop in passes are also available for purchase at our Guest Services.

Seniors Swim (60+)
This is a swim time dedicated for our valued seniors community. Ages 60+ ONLY!! NO amenities are open (waves, waterslide, and rope swing). Rain Curtain may be activated on request

Seniors Leisure Skate
Designed for the 60+ year skater to enjoy a leisure skate in calmer and quieter environment than a traditional family skate. Helmets highly recommended. We highly recommend using a ski or hockey helmet over a bike helmet, since they are not made for ice.

Gentle Fit
An active, social class designed to enhance your cardiovascular/respiratory systems, improve bone density and develop your balance. This class uses chairs rather than mats for many strengthening/stretching exercises.

Fit ‘n Fab
A gentle aerobic and muscle conditioning class designed with the older adult in mind. Improve balance, aerobic endurance, and flexibility and muscle tone.

Please obtain a Fit ‘n Fab card from the fitness desk 30 minutes before the start of the class.

Deep Water Workout
Explore the benefits of deep water aqua with this total body workout that uses varying tempos, hand positions and ranges of motion to modify movement intensity. Improve your mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance.

Aqua Bootcamp
Shallow Water Class: water adds an element of nature to your training that no machine can offer. Create your own resistance, meaning you are always in control of the level at which you workout. The harder you push, the harder the workout is going to be. Wanting an easy recovery day? Simply reduce the tempo for less resistance.  Improve overall fitness, strength, power and function.

TRX 55+
Learn how to use the TRX in this safe, enjoyable small group setting. A super and friendly way to develop strength, coordination, balance, mobility and functional stability.

NEW Building better Programs

Building Better is a series of specialized programs designed to increase function and performance PLUS you get 20% off with a Trico Centre membership.

Better Balance Programs (65+)
Formerly known as "Balance Builders" this program is based off the AHS Move & Mingle. This program is designed to prevent falls and help you improve balance, stay strong, and maintain independence.

Bone Builders
Focused on maintaining bone health, creating strength and power, and minimizing your risk of falling. This weight room based class makes our seniors strong!

Better 'Betes Program
Exercise is a key factor to managing diabetes (Type I, Type II, or pre-diabetes) and regulating your blood sugars. Based on the most up-to-date research from Diabetes Canada, cardio and weight training is combined in this class to facilitate 120 minutes of moderate activity a week, led by our professional trainers.

Better Boomers 
Formerly known as “Balance & Bones”. Move through life with spontaneity and confidence! Focused on maintaining functional independence, creating strength and power, and minimizing your risk of falling. This class includes ground-to-stand training and makes our seniors strong!

Better Backs Program 
Strengthen back muscles and alleviate low back pain. In this 8-week series we look to release muscular tension and decompress the spine, while building functional strength through extension and rotation. 


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