FLC Seniors Curling

 Our mixed curling is open to all seniors in the Calgary and surrounding areas aged 55+. Teams are made up by random draws of positions for both 1st and 2nd half seasons.The level of curling talent is of little importance. We have a great group, with an excellent format and although competitive, everyone has a lot of fun. This includes “stick curling”, as quite a few curlers have decided the time has come to change their curling delivery.
Curlers must be a current member of the FLC Seniors Club.

Fellow FLC Curlers

The FLC Seniors Curling Club executive have cancelled the remainder of the 2020-21 curling season. The extended restrictions on curling clubs has just made it too difficult to revive this season’s curling program. We hope you enjoyed the few weeks of curling that we did manage to get in before shutdown.


We will refund all curlers for the their remaining 5 games on Wednesday and Friday leagues. 


Important notice for fall 2021 curling

In the meantime we will be planning to start a new season next October. We are working right now with the main FLC Seniors Club to have the registration for curling to be entirely on-line on the FLC Seniors website and with payment by credit card. We anticipate about a two week window in September for registration. However there will be plenty of information and notice beforehand. The on-line registration system will be new and may have some kinks but we will do our best to be helpful and see that every curler is accommodated.


Thank you, see you next season




Curlers Please Remember:  We are playing this game in a social environment and must always strive to keep it that way, in other words keep having "FUN".





FLC Seniors Registration Form Wimter 2021

FLC Seniors Curling FEE Structure 2019/20

FLC Seniors Curling League Rules 

FLC Seniors Curling Spare Rules

FLC Seniors Stick Curling Instructions

Location: Acadia Recreation Complex (ARC)  ( 240 - 90th Ave SE )

When: Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:30 to 2:30 pm

Contacts & Coordinators:
President            Ron Antonchuk 403-616-1680
Contact by filling out this e-mail form ([email protected])

Spares Coordinators:
If you are unable to contact your skip call:
Wednesday -                       Carole Coull      403-238-0111       
Friday -                               Alan Glover         403-225-0136
Alternate -                           Ken Turnbull      403-278-9970



FLC Seniors Curling "8 Enders"