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Lake Louise Ice Sculpture of an Icy Cyclist! 

Where have our Old Spokes cycling shirts travelled?

Where in the world is Lynda Fielder?   Slovakia!  

Submitted with these comments:

This picture is in Bratislava, Slovakia, part of a 7-day cycle & boat trip from Passau, Germany to Budapest, Hungary, along the Danube River.

Beautiful countryside.  I highly recommend it.


Where in the world are Diane Trimming with Marg Dunphy?  Holland

Submitted by Diane Trimming with these comments:
The shirts did travel from Bruges, Belgium, to Amsterdam. It was quite cold so they were often covered up but they did attract some attention when we were on the boat or indoors for breaks.
Marg and I had to remove several layers to have this shot taken in Holland.  

Submit your photos to show travel destinations where your Old Spokes Club cycling shirt has stood out in the crowd!  

Does this remind you of 'Where's Waldo' - Old Spokes style??

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We offer non-competitive rides for pleasure and socializing while exploring our city and environs.

  • A variety of rides are offered each week from April to October.
  • Cyclists are responsible for getting to variable start locations.
  • Annual registration with nominal fee required.

We have 3 levels of cycling so all can choose the level that suits their ability:

  • Level 1 – Cycle a minimum of 18 km on Tuesdays at a slower pace with fewer hills and more water breaks. Shorter rides of 10 km are available the first three weeks of the season for those of us wishing some preparation.
  • Level 2 – Cycle a minimum of 30 km on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a moderate pace with some hills and breaks as needed.
  • Level 3 – Cycle in smaller groups a minimum of 35 km on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at a somewhat faster pace on routes that may include hills. We regroup and stop for breaks as needed.
  • All Levels - Pedal assist E-Bikes are welcome. Watch for ride postings on days of the week beyond those designated.

    You must be a member of the FLC Seniors Club
    and also the FLC Cycling Club to join a Club Ride.

Click HERE to complete Online Registration

You also need to complete these FLC Cycling Club requirements:
which you must submit to the Ride Leader on your first Ride

which you must carry with you on all FLC Cycling Club rides.

Click HERE to access the FLC Cycling Club forms

Steps to sign up for an Old Spokes Cycling Club ride:

  1. Complete the Cycling Club Membership process: submit signed forms and registsration fee to the Membership Coordinator.
  2. Review and abide by the Old Spokes Cycling Club Rules and Guidelines to ensure a safe, orderly and enjoyable cycling experience for all.
  3. NEW If you ride an e-bike, review Electric Bikes on Pathways regulations from the City of Calgary. The same rules apply to Alberta Parks pathways like in Fish Creek Park.  (For more on Power Bicycles, you can see page 7 of Alberta Transportation.)
    AND review FLC Cycling Club Group Riding Guidelines for E-Bike Riders.
  4. Click on the green Ride Sign Up button below to see the rides currently available, enter your Cycling Club membership number and sign up for your choice.
  5. Only those members who have registered for a ride will receive an email by 8:00 AM to notify about ride cancellations.
  6. If you need to cancel after you register for a ride, return to that ride again, enter your membership number again and use the cancel button.  Your name will be deleted from the Riders list for that ride.

Ride Sign Up

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FLC Seniors Old Spokes Cycling Executive Committee and Responsibilities

How to create a shortcut to the FLC Seniors Old Spokes Cycling website on your desktop

Review these pages to get started in cycling, and to enhance your safety and cycling skills.

Contact & Club President: Linda Edwards Green - (403) 252-8017
Membership: Rick Stothard  (403) 281-4582

For all inquiries, contact the Old Spokes Cycling Club 
by filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected])