FLC Seniors Line Dancing


Line Dancing is very popular among all ages - it's fun, and, there is no need for a partner. It's a wonderful way to stay healthy.  Some have even said that, when line dancing on a regular basis, possible benefits are an increase in flexibility, muscular strength, and lung capacity, as well as an improvement in bone health and coordination. At FLC Line Dancing, we dance to ALL music, not just country! Our talented instructors enjoy leading their "regulars" and welcome all new dancers!

To read about some of the health benefits of line dancing, please click on this link Staying Fit for Health

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To register for line dance classes,  FALL 2020 REGISTRATION DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED


Line dance classes in the following levels are offered through the FLC Seniors Club – Line Dancing Group.  If you are unsure of which level to register for, you are more than welcome to come to the first class (of any level) held each session to see what is being danced and to talk to the instructors. Please see the link above for our current Class Schedule. 

INTRODUCTORY This is an Absolute Beginner Class for those who have never line danced before
LEVEL 1 This is a Beginner Level class for those with limited experience or those who have taken at least three sessions of the Introductory Level class
LEVEL 1+ This is a Beginner Level class, a step up from Level 1 for those wanting a bit more challenge and with more dance experience
LEVEL 2 This is a Beginner Level class for those with 1-2 years line dance experience (or more for comfort level)
LEVEL 2+ This Improver Level class is for those with 2-3 years line dancing experience (able to learn and dance beginner dances confidently) with fewer turns and advanced steps than Level 3
LEVEL 3 This Improver/Low Intermediate Level class is for those with 3 or more years line dancing experience, more turns and advanced steps (able to learn and dance beginner and improver dances confidently)
LEVEL 3+ This Intermediate Level class is for those with 3 or more years line dancing experience. This class has more turns and advanced footwork than Level 3

Our Instructors recommend that you complete at least one full year (3 sessions) of a level before moving on to the next level.  If you think you are ready to move up a level, always check with your instructor before doing so.

The FLC Seniors Line Dancing Group dances at the following venues, please see our current schedule for dates and times.

WRCA:      Willow Ridge Community Association, 680 Acadia Drive SE, {North Hall (N), South Hall (S)}

LBCA:       Lake Bonavista Community Association, 1401 Acadia Drive SE.

TRICO:     Trico Centre, 11150 Bonaventure Drive SE.

FOR INFORMATION:  CALL CAROL (403-465-0226) OR JOAN (403-719-7763)

For further information, contact Coordinator by email: lineda[email protected]


NB - FLC Line Dance Board retains the right to cancel a class with minimal enrollment and offer alternate classes to students.