FLC Seniors Whist



Many of the regular members take part in this social afternoon. Whist is also played year-round. The costs here are only for the prizes and coffee and cookies.

"Whist" is a very old English game. It started in the 15th Century. By the late 19th Century, it had become the number one fashionable game of middle and high society throughout the Western world. It is considered a steppingstone to Bridge.

Seniors Whist in Calgary

Whist is a game of mental engagement, strategic thinking and social interactions. Since there are several versions of whist our club has chosen to play the “Basic Partnership” game with four players, two against two as partners.
It is a drop-in game for players holding a current FLC Seniors Club Membership.

Whist players currently holding a current FLC Seniors membership are invited to play Friday afternoons except on statutory holidays. If there are Whist players out there that have played Whist in the past but are afraid to give it a try again because it has been a long time since you have played, please do not hesitate to come and join us. We have people who are willing help you get through those first few games to get yourself back in Whist trim,

Please note that we do not teach Whist.  You must know how to play.

Location:  FLC Seniors Lounge - Trico Centre

When: Every Friday afternoon from 12:45pm to 4:00pm (Please note change of time)
Doors open at 12:15pm  Please note that on August 23, 2024 only, Whist will start at 1:30

Contact & Coordinator: Donnalee Lamson at 403-281-6134

Contact by filling out this e-mail form. ([email protected])

Please Note: Except for the minimal cost shared by all players for the coffee, etc, there are no additional fees to join these groups.