About Us

With nearly 3,000 members strong, the FLC Seniors Club promotes a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle at an affordable cost.

The FLC Seniors Club is an organization developed in 1983, during the first years of the Family Leisure Center (now the Trico Centre). Gerry Doutre, the first president of the FLC Seniors Club suggested turning a storage room at the Family Leisure Centre into a meeting area for older FLC Seniors Club members to get together. The idea took off from there and now at over 2863 members, the club is one of the largest seniors organization in western Canada. The FLC Seniors Club now offers more than 30 activities year round to keep its membership engaged and active. 

Why We Are Here

The club promotes an atmosphere where our independent seniors, whether single or couples, can come and comfortably participate with other seniors with common interests.

Many of our activities are centered at the Trico Centre; other activities such as curling , yoga and line dancing are at nearby facilities, while our outdoor activities are centered at the main parks and walkways throughout Calgary and vicinity. There are also varied theatre presentations for our members to attend.

The club is strictly a volunteer organization run by member volunteers. Volunteering give our seniors an opportunity to give back to the community, to use the skill they have developed over a lifetime, and an occasion to engage with other seniors in a meaningful way.

Quotes from Our Senior Members

“The FLC Seniors Club has made my retirement a great retirement. I’m doing the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for, all with a great group of people, and having fun doing them.”

“I worked until I was 71. Then my sister introduced me to the FLC Seniors Club. Its one of the best things that ever happened to me.”

“The social hour after exercise is extremely important. We come for the exercise, but keep coming back because of the social atmosphere with our FLC Seniors Club friends.”

Perhaps the best feature to our FLC Seniors Club are the diverse people we have met and embraced and who have become some of our closest friends.  

Our seniors get out and participate, they keep active physically and mentally. As a result of being active, they stay healthy longer.


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