Bridge Lessons (online only)

November 7, 2020

Bridge Lessons

Bored with limited activities.  Learn how to play the exciting partnership game of bridge in the comfort of your own home via Zoom with Jane Lamont.  Afterwards you can take it to the next level with for free!

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August 18, 2020

FLC Seniors Club response to COVID-19

Updated: 18 Aug 2020

The province and city are moving to re-open / relaunch outdoor (Stage 1) and indoor activities (Stage 2) under specific guidance. The FLC Board has passed a number of resolutions that affect activities to protect our members in line with Provincial re-opening guidelines.


"Activities must prepare a plan outlining how their Activity proposes to comply with Alberta Government COVID-19 Guidelines and submit it to the COVID-19 Approval Committee acting on behalf of the Board for approval. The plan must be approved by the COVID-19 Approval Committee before an Activity may resume."  (FLC BOARD resolution 11-July-2020)

  1. The Approval committee comprises of board members Albert Herscovitch, Debbie Harris, and Violet Smith.
  2. Each activity needs its own plan, since each activity has its unique aspects, such as venue, room size, room access (for indoor activities), etc.  Once an activity has an approved plan, they will publish the plan and let their members know when the events or classes can resume. Check the specific activity web page on the website.
  3. Each activities' plan must include a COVID-19 Screening Checklist that needs to be read and agreed to by all participants before each event or class.
  4. As of 11 July, Golf and Cycling have re-opened.  Golf players must conform to the procedures for each golf course.  The Cycling club have posted their Modified Rules for Club Rides and their Covid19 Screening Checklist on the ride sign up web page.


"To comply with Government guidelines and our insurers’ requirements, the COVID-19 Screening Checklist must be reviewed by the ride/walk leader, instructor or class representative with each participant before each ride, outing or class and record of participants’ names, the event date, and their responses retained for a period of six weeks to facilitate tracing if necessary. Only posting the Screening Tool on a web page is not sufficient. This procedure will be in effect until the Board determines it is no longer necessary."  (FLC BOARD resolution 11-July-2020)

To see the COVID-19 Screening Checklist approved by the FLC Board, click here.


Each of the facilities that the FLC Seniors Club uses (Trico, Willowridge, Lake Bonavista, Acadia Recreation Complex) is reviewing their own procedures and are re-opening in compliance with government guidance.  See each facilities' web site (links below) for their specific information.

Check the government / community websites for the latest information and advice:

Stay safe.


Privacy Policy / Acknowledgement and Consent Form

June 30, 2020

As of 13 June, 2020, the FLC Board has approved two documents:

  1. FLC Seniors Club Privacy policy which informs members what the club does to safeguard their personal information as well as their rights with regard this information.  You can read the Privacy policy by clicking here.
  2. FLC Seniors Club Acknowledgement and Consent form, which applies to all members.  This form acknowledges that members participate in club activities responsibly and at their own risk.  This form is now part of the purchase process for club and activity memberships.  You can read the Acknowledgement and Consent form by clicking here.