Cycling Maps

Old Spokes Cycling Club members are encouraged to plan and review their routes prior to departure to ensure the safest and most enjoyable bicycle routes prior to departure every time!

Cycling Road Side ArtCity of Calgary Pathways & Bikeways

The Calgary pathways & bikeways map identifies pathways, bikeways and even trails within Calgary trip using Calgary pathways, bikeways and LRT routes. The map is available in paper, electronic, interactive and now a mobile app.

Paper Maps

Paper copies of the current pathway & bikeways map are available. Pick up the current version at any City of Calgary Aquatic and Fitness Centres or two leisure centres.

Electronic Maps

The app features include detour routes/closures, safety messages, information about parks and links.
Download: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad This app is excellent!
Please note it is only for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Pathway maps and other information is available in the City of Calgary website.