FLC Seniors Club - Fall 2020 Activities Status

August 18, 2020

This item provides the status of the activities in light of COVID-19.  All activities are listed below in one of 2 sections:
- Activities already re-opened or re-opening this Fall, assuming they have approved re-opening plans.
- Activities that will not or cannot re-open safely at this time and may need to wait for the next phase(s) of the governments re-opening plan.

Activities re-opening

All activities that re-open will have a COVID-19 re-open plan approved by the FLC Seniors Club board.  All re-opened activities are affected by COVID-19 guidelines, such as venue, class size, arrival and departure routes, etc.  Please check the FLC Seniors club web site and pages ( regularly for re-opening plans or changes to the plans.
The following activities have already re-opened: Cycling, Golf
The following activities will re-open this fall, pending approved re-opening plans: 

  • Acting Club (on-line only)
  • Calligraphy
  • Camera Club (no new members)
  • Line Dancing (reduced class sizes)
  • Outdoor Club
  • Qigong (on-line only)
  • Tai Chi (reduced class sizes)


Acting Club - Fall 2020

Is learning to Act on your bucket list?  Well, the FLC Acting Club has some exciting news for you! We are offering a variety of affordable online classes from acting to playwrighting to stage management, starting this September.  Why not indulge your inner dramatic sensibilities from the comfort of your own home?!! Check us out at

Qiqong - Fall 2020

Is learning to make your energy work for you one of your goals? If so, the practice of Qigong is just what you need. Qigong is a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one's mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, tapping, sound, and focused intent. Our classes are usually fully booked so this is a rare opportunity to experience Qigong through Zoom in the safety of your own home. Our on-line Zoom classes will provide both pre-class chat time with our Master Instructor, Mario, as well as after class time to interact with fellow classmates. We will be running three classes weekly, two at Level 1 and one at Level 2, for 14 weeks. Your paid registration will afford you the opportunity to attend all three on-line classes for the price of one. For more information, go to

Tai Chi - Fall 2020

The Tai Chi Committee is thrilled to finally be able to offer a safe Fall session! The major safety change is the move of our activity to the Deer Run Community Centre SE. Tai Chi students from the Winter 2020 session, as well as those on our other mailing lists, will soon receive an email notice with all the particulars. Please check our web  page at for further information.

 The following activities may re-open this fall: Curling (depends on ARC and CCC guidelines)


Activities Not re-opening Fall 2020

Brushstrokes and Yoga will not open until 2021.
The following activities cannot re-open under the current Alberta COVID-19 re-opening guidelines, since the venue is not open and/or social distancing cannot be maintained:
Card / Table Games: Bridge (all sessions), Cribbage, Mahjong, Tile Rummy, Whist
Social Activities:  Bus Tours, Coffee Group, Social
Theatre Groups: Alberta Theatre Projects, Stage West Theatre, Theatre Calgary, Vertigo Theatre, Workshop Theatre
Since the status of the COVID-19 guidelines are changing frequently, please keep in touch with your activities via the FLC Seniors web page (  

Stay Safe.