Cycling Executive Committee

 Positions are for a 3-year term (Year 1: trainee, Year 2: Fulfill Role, Year 3: Mentor)
and will begin on the date of the annual April Season Start-Up Workshop. 

* indicates positions on the Executive Committee.

2021-2022 Cycling COMMITTEE MEMBERS

Position Responsibilities Name
  • Oversees the Club’s activities
  • Chairs Executive Committee meetings
  • Monitors & dispatches Club email.
  • Liaises with the FLC Seniors Club. 
Brenda Ballantyne*
Past President
  • Mentors Club President
  • Chairs committee to look after the Club’s management succession process 
Linda Edwards-Green*
Incoming Club President
  • In training to assume duties of President
  • Records and distributes minutes of Executive Committee meetings
Barrie Cameron*
  • Accounts for all monies collected and expensed
  • Prepares the Annual Budget for the Club
  • Assist in the Annual Audit of the Club
Peter Ripley*
Communications Committee Consists of individuals responsible for the Cycling Club Web Site, the Newsletter, the Membership Coordinator, the Old Spokes Facebook Group Coordinators, and designated members at large.
  • Mission: to involve our members in club affairs through communication
  • Plans communications to attract, retain and engage Club membership
  • Produces marketing media
Chair: Pamela Lester*

At large: Peter Bradbury


Membership Coordinator
  • Monitors FLC Seniors Database and cycling membership through online registration.
  • Produces membership reports.
  • Sends Email announcements to Club members.
Rick Stothard*
Web Site Content Coordinator
  • Plans and edits content layout for the Club web pages
Kelly Kieran*

Photo Gallery Assistant
  • Collects, posts, and rotates cycling ride photos. Maintains photo archives.
Marg Dunphy
Newsletter Publisher
  • Seeks, edits, and lays out content, researches citations. 
  • Archives newsletter submissions.
Pamela Lester
Newsletter Feature Writer
  • Researches and writes articles for the Club Newsletter.
Peter Bradbury
Newsletter Copy Editor
  • Reviews draft newsletters to suggest grammatical and content edits to enhance quality.
Joyce Scully
Facebook Coordinators
  • Manages membership and content of the
    Old Spokes private Facebook group
Peter Whitehead
Linda Edwards-Green
Hazel Banush
Rides Committee Consists of the Ride Coordinators for each Club Ride Level
  • Plans season schedules
  • Recruits Ride Leaders to offer ride opportunities appropriate for each Ride Level
  • Provides Ride Leader training
  • Develops Ride guidelines and policies
Chair: Brock Burwash*


Level 1 Weekly
Ride Coordinator
  • Tuesdays
Level 1 Weekly
Ride Coordinator
  • Fridays
Joanne Adomeit,
Tyrone Lester
Level 2 Weekly
Ride Coordinator
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
Hazel Banush
Level 3 Weekly
Ride Coordinator
  • Wednesdays
Level 3 Weekly
Ride Coordinator
  • Saturdays
Brock Burwash
Social Committee  Consists of the Social Coordinator and other invited helpers
  • plans and organizes Cycling Club events and social functions
Renee Starratt*
Member  Services    
Name Tag Coordinator
  • Orders member name tags and arranges delivery.
Marilyn Patterson
Club Jersey Coordinator
  • Orders club jerseys for members and arranges delivery.
Gail Bischke

 To contact any member of the Executive Committee, you can email us by filling out this e-mail form  Please use name of the Executive member you wish to contact in the Subject line.  Your email will be forwarded to that person, who in turn will contact you.

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