Lakeview Golf Course – Schedule

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Marilyn Guinn 587-353-0678

Hello Golfers,
Remember if you need to cancel call me as soon as possible, the schedule goes to the City noon on Wednesday. If you need to cancel the day of play call the clubhouse. Thanks

12:30pm Vinet, Jaques Cart
Henderson, George Walking
Staples, James Walking
Guinn, Marilyn Walking
12:40pm Verkland, Melba Jean Walking
Verkland, Ron Walking
Smith, Pat Walking
Forseth, Gerald Walking
12:50pm Guillet, Elodie Walking
Mastel, Terri Walking
Leitch, Margaret Walking
Stach, Patricia Walking
1:00pm Floyd, S. Arlene Walking
Massey, Catherine Walking
Thomas, Dagmar Walking
Welsh, Roz Walking
1:10pm Mudd, Art Walking
Mudd, Carole Walking
Woodford, Pat Walking
Woodford, Ray Walking
1:20pm Katrusik, Nola Walking
Laforest, Suzanne Walking
Leeman, Marlene Walking
Minamide, Kin Walking
1:30pm Cormack, Julie Walking
Dubois, Lavonne Walking
Smeeton, Barb Walking
1:40pm Hill, Bevan Walking
Hill, Kathy Walking

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