Douglasdale Golf Course – Schedule

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bill Tymchyshyn 403-454-4947

Enjoy the weather, please play ready golf and be hydrated and have a great day of golfing. Please CALL THE golf course if you are not playing.

8:00am Gacek, Brian Walking
Booth, Barry Walking
Sushelintsky, Johann Walking
Rodgers, Brett Walking
8:07am Bell, Luisa Cart
Tait, Cathy Cart
Shepel, Linda Walking
Spaetgens, Lee Walking
8:15am Alexander, Linda Walking
Anderson, Nancy Walking
Foisie, Jeannette Walking
Hughes, Wendy Walking
8:22am Sept, Brenda Walking
Philion, Veronica Walking
Hills, Linda Walking
Open, Spot Walking
8:30am Birney, Helen Cart
Eldridge, Joan Cart
Nutter, Pamela Cart
Millard, Dianne Cart
8:37am Brown, Mal Cart
MacRae, Doug Cart
McArthur, Doug Cart
Open, Spot Cart
8:45am Towpich, Judy Cart
Almdal, Judy Cart
Hart, JoAnne Cart
Schalike, Ursula Cart
8:52am Bessel, Arne Cart
Bessel, Deanne Cart
Mummery, Janis Walking
Mummery, Robert Walking
9:00am Mantei, Nattacia Cart
Pinniger, Elaine Cart
MacLean, David Walking
Santiano, Danilo Walking

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