Cycling Ride

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 8:00am

RIDE COORDINATOR:  Julie-Ann Biggs 403-249-1999  email [email protected] 

NOTICE:  I will be away from Calgary July 2 - July 10 inclusive and from July 12 to July 24 inclusive.  I have my IPad with me in case there are any questions [email protected].  Sandy Ziegler has kindly offered to cover for me.  Home # is 403-726-5294.  Happy Trails!

Thank you to all the ride leaders and sweeps who have signed up for leading rides and sweeping this year. I am very grateful for your cooperation. 

 Also, I am looking for someone to shadow me this year who will take over the Co-ordinating position next year, due to health issues.  I will make myself available next year to assist. The success of this club is dependent on volunteers and you have consistently stepped up when required.  Thank you.

Following are the dates that have not been filled:  July 30, August 20, Sept. 3, 17, and 24th.

These rides require leaders and unfortunately if they are not taken the rides will not go.  Our rides will range from approximately 18km-25km .

Would you please think of rides you would like to lead that you have done previously or scope out routes that you and friends would like to lead this season and /give me a ring or email.

Please call me with your plans or if you have questions so that I may enter it! 403-249-1999; [email protected]

Thank you

April 30 - Julie-Ann Biggs - Ranche to Carburn Park - 18km+ Cancelled - weather

            - Diane Trimming - Ranche to Carburn Park - 10 km - basics of gear shifting, bike maintenance, tire pressure, etiquette. 

            - Sweep - Elaine Haggith

May 7 - Morris Baskett - Blue Devil

          - Dianne Trimming/Sweep-Elaine Haggith - 10 km - basics of gear shifting, bike maintenance, tire pressure, etiquette. 

May 14 - Julie-Ann Biggs - Ranche - Carburn Park - 18km

             - Dianne Trimming/Sweep - Elaine Haggith - 10km - basics of gear shifting, bike maintenance, tire pressure, etiquette. 

May 21 - Doreen Munsie - Mallard Point to the  Bird Sanctuary, via Carburn Park

May 28 - Ken Itaya - Riverbend Gazebo to Valleyview Park via Canal - 25 km

June 4 - Sandy Zeigler - Riverbend Gazebo to Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

June 11 - Elaine Peek -South Glenmore Park to Shannon Terrace 

June 18 - Michael Woolnough - Blue Devil Circuit

June 25 - Janet Hamlton - Bow Valley Ranch to Shannon Terrace

July 2 - Ken Itaya - High River Loop

July 9 - Elaine Peek - Bow Valley Ranche to Carburn Park

July 16 - Michael Woolnough - Sandy Beach to Fish Hatchery

July 23 - Jiri Bartek - Glennfield to Mallard Pt. and return - 24 km

July 30 - Allan Weimer - Turner Valley - Black Diamond - TV Golf Course

August 6 - Jiri Bartek - Inglewood Fish Hatchery to Edworthy Park annd retirn - 25km

August 13 - Michael Woolnough - Glenmore Dam Circuit

August 20 - Julie-Ann Biggs - Legacy Trail - Canmore to bucolic picnic area

August 27 - Elaine Peek - Bow Valley Ranche to Bebo Grove

Sept. 3 - 

Sept. 10 - Elaine Peek- Carburn Park to Ralph Klein Park + Demonstration

Sept. 17 - 

Sept. 24 - 

Oct. 1 - 

Oct. 8 - 

Oct. 15 - 

Oct. 22 -

Oct. 29 - 







Leader: Julie-Ann Biggs 403-249-1999

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