Cycling Ride

Level 1

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 10:00am

We'll meet in the parking lot at the entrance to Heritage Park, under the Big H.

Please arrive at 9:30 am and allow time to meet, brief and be ready to start at 10 am.

Please bring your lunch, adequate water and appropriate clothing for the weather forecast.

Plenty of opportunities for coffee at the end of the ride. McDonalds, Good Earth, Heritage Café.

We will proceed around the reservoir counter clockwise. We'll pass Heritage Park, the Rockyview Hospital, Earl Grey golf course, and North Glenmore Park. Then we will take the hill down into the Weaselhead. There are a few hills coming back up the path in South Glenmore Park. We'll then proceed past the sailing club and come back past Glenmore Landing to the parking lot. Approximately 16 km.

We can decide where to lunch on that day.

Let's get out and have some safe, courteous fun.


Meeting Location: Heritage Park Parking Lot under the Big H
Leader: Tyrone Lester 403-608-4580

It is now after 8:00am on the day of the ride. To signup or cancel, please contact the leader directly.


  • Bob A.
  • Eleanor A.
  • Doris E.
  • John H.
  • Surinder K.
  • Tyrone L.
  • Doreen M.
  • Dennis R.
  • Donna R.
  • Royalene R.
  • Carol S.
  • Brad S.
  • Allan W.
  • Sandy Z.