Cycling Ride

Level 2

Monday, October 2, 2023 at 11:00am


Okotoks 36k and 44k options

Come join Laurie and Rob on a tour of Okotoks. This ride will be offered on October 17th also.

Please arrive at the meeting place by 9:40 to have your bike ready and meet some of your fellow cyclists as the tour will start at 10:00 sharp.  This is Murray and Susan K's 2022 tour (Thank you Murray and Susan for putting together this great ride) with the addition of 2 new ponds and a small ridge.  This ride features the Sheep River, 10 ponds/wetlands, and many ridges with beautiful views on the wonderful Okotoks' pathway system.  

Okotoks 36k and 44k options.  We will be returning to the start point at 36k and there will be an option to continue on a beautiful 8k loop along the sheep river for a total of 44k.  

Washrooms will be at the start of the ride, 8k into the ride, and lunch location.

Complexity of Ride:

We will be riding on the shoulder of a busier road, Elizabeth Street (highway AB 549) for 1K.  There is one large hill and many longer gradual ones.  We will be stopping and regrouping at the top.  


Come prepared: bring your helmet, lunch, water, emergency information, sun glasses, sun screen, spare tires, tire pump, band-aids, and your smile. Be sure your bike is in good working order: bike bell, tires pumped, brakes and gears working, clean chain, mirror is a bonus.
Recheck the ride writeup after 8 am the day of the Ride for possible ride cancellations or other changes. If the ride is cancelled, email notifications are sent to all riders signed up for the Ride.
Driving instructions to Okotoks Lions Campground:
99 Woodhaven Drive, Okotoks
Highway 2A South;
Exit 222 (right 2 lanes) to Okotoks;
Left onto Woodhaven Drive (just after going over the Sheep River);
Left right away going down a hill to the parking lot;

Meeting Location: Okotoks Lions Campground
Leader: Laurie L/Cathy M 403-608-5645
Sweep: Rob L/Hazel B

There is a maximum of 20 riders on this ride.

It is now after 8:00am on the day of the ride. To cancel, please contact the leader directly.


  • Ron A.
  • Hazel B.
  • Margaret D.
  • Bill J.
  • Jerry K.
  • Laurie L.
  • Rob L.
  • Cathy M.
  • Margaret M.
  • Rene S.
  • Helen W.
  • John W.
  • Dee W.
  • Hanny d.
  • Theo d.