Cycling Ride

Level 1

Monday, September 25, 2023 at 10:00am

Preliminary Notes:

This is another themed ride, without any mandatory requirement that participants use the Canyon Meadows pool's facility afterward.  The ride length is estimated to be about 30 km.

Ride Description:

From Canyon Meadows pool's parking lot, we will cross Anderson Road via the pedestrian overpass behind the adjoining school and proceed to 14 St. where we'll again cross via the pedestrian overpass.  This will place us in a fairly quiet residential area.  Proceeding north, we'll find our way to the SW corner of the park surrounding the reservoir.  At this point we'll decide by a democratic vote whether we'd like to get the one moderately serious hill out of the way almost immediately, or delay it until after we've dined somewhere near Heritage park.  The former choice will mean a clockwise circumnavigation of the reservoir.  The alternative will be to proceed in a counter-clockwise direction and have an early lunch near the park or by the marina, before tackling the hill a little later.

The return portion of the ride will be along a different residential road to the two overpasses leading back to the pool.

At the pool, those wishing to avail themselves of a dip in the pool to do a few lengths, or just to sit in the steam room or the hot tub may do so.  The cost for those not having a swim or fitness pass is $5.30.  This applies to those of us over 65, and I suspect that after our ride, all of us (including those under that age) will look to be at least 65.  Note that a ride participant is not required to use the pool facilities. If at least one person chooses to use the facilities, then I, as leader, will join them.

Note that bike security is always an issue.  There is a bike rack in front of the pool that can handle 10 or so bicycles.  I use one regularly.  I recommend that those wishing to go for a swim or a dip in the hot tub, place their bikes in their vehicles, have a means to lock their bikes to their car-based bike racks, or use the bike rack near the front door of the pool (you will need a good lock).  Those with electric bikes, may wish to disable the use of their bicycles by means of a lock, and by removing the battery pack.  You can place your battery in your car, or store it in one of the many lockers while using the pool (these cost $0.25 per use).  There are a few lockers that take keyed or combination locks in each locker room, and there is a free-to-use wallet locker adjacent to the front desk for a few small items.

This ride will take a couple of hours to complete, providing I keep my speed below 18 kph, which is my intention.


Canyon Meadows pool has a bathroom in the outer lobby.  A second bathroom is at the marina just below the Heritage Park entrance.

Getting There:

Canyon Meadows pool is a block or two west of Elbow Drive, and south of Anderson Road.  Its address is 89 Canova Rd. S.W.   If you take Stoney Trail, turn east on Anderson Road and turn south on Elbow Drive.  From the Deerfoot Trail, take the Anderson Road exit on the west side of the Bow River.

Usual Admonitions

Come prepared with the following: your helmet, which is mandatory, water, emergency information, sun glasses, sun screen, spare tires, tire pump, band-aids, and a lock for your bike should a lengthy stop be planned, Be sure that your bike is in good working order.  You should have a bike bell, your electric bike batteries should be fully charged, and your tires should be properly inflated. Your brakes and gears must be in good working order, and it helps to have a clean chain.  A mirror is a bonus.

Don't forget your lunch.  If you think that you might want to swim or just sit in the hot tub, or steam room, you will need a swim suit, towel, goggles (for swimmers), possibly a swim cap (again for swimmers), and possibly some shampoo.  There is soap supplied in the shower area, and there are lockers in the locker room.  As mentioned, most lockers take a quarter to ensure that the contents don't go missing, but a few will take a padlock.  There are wallet lockers in the lobby to place keys, and other small items in a secure facility.  I use these wallet lockers for that purpose, and there is no charge go their use.

Recheck the ride description after 8 am on the day of the ride for possible ride cancellations or other changes. If the ride is cancelled, email notifications are sent to all riders signed up for the ride. If you are not on the list of qualified (i.e. you  must be a member of FLC Seniors and the cycling group) riders by 8 AM on the day of the ride, then you will not be able to ride with the group.  If you were on the wait list, check for your name on the final list of riders, or expect an Email to confirm that you have been included on the ride.

Last Comments:

You may have received a note from the Level 1 ride coordinator (Doreen M.) which discussed the need for more level 1 ride leaders.  If you might be interested in leading, but are unsure of your ability to assume that responsibility, please let me know in the comments section below, or by Email (see the next line) , and I'll try to give you some guidance before this ride.  There is no obligation assumed by showing interest.

If you have questions, send me a note:  [email protected]


Meeting Location: Canyon Meadows pool parking lot. Please park behind the pool along the north side.
Leader: Dean Provins
Sweep: Volunteer needed

There is a maximum of 20 riders on this ride.

It is now after 8:00am on the day of the ride. To cancel, please contact the leader directly.


  • Pam D.
  • Juan G.
  • Allan H.
  • Ken I.
  • Francie M.
  • Doreen M.
  • Anne P.
  • Roseline P.
  • Ross S.
  • Dee W.
  • Carrie W.
  • William W.