Cycling Ride

Level 1

Friday, September 22, 2023 at 10:00am

Ride Description:

If you like to dine at an A&W occasionally, then this ride may appeal to you.  There will be a couple of hills to work up an appetite, but nothing too onerous.

We'll start at the Trico centre on Bonaventure Drive and then wind our way through parts of Willow Park and Mapleridge until we cross the Deerfoot Trail and descend to the Bow.  After crossing the Bow, we'll pass through Carburn Park and head up to Glenmore Trail where our first climb will occur.

This will put us on the edge of Ogden, an old community first settled around the turn of the last century.  We'll pass some well kept homes in Ogden, and then climb our second hill as we approach Glenmore Trail again.

After passing under the overpass, we'll descend into Riverbend to follow a path or two, mixed with some residential roadways, until we reach an east-west path taking us back to 24 St.

Heading north about 300 metres, will get us to the A&W for lunch.  Noe that as there are a limited number of bike racks available, one of us (probably me) will watch the bikes while the others place orders, and then enjoy their meals.

After dining and a some socializing, we'll retrace part of our route back to the river and home.

The two hills mentioned will challenge pedal bikers a little, and the ascent back over the Deerfoot Trail will add an additional challenge, but none of these will tax one too much (mind you, my heart was pumping hard when I rode the route the other day, but then I'd been off my bike for nearly 7 weeks - and you have probably been riding all summer!)

The ride will take about 2 hours to complete, providing I keep my speed below 18 kph, which is my intention.


Bathrooms at Trico, Carburn Park, Freshco and the A&W should suffice.

Starting Point:

The Trico Centre is on the east side of the Southcentre shopping mall, along Bonaventure Drive, just north of Anderson Road.  We can park our vehicles at the SE corner of the lot to allow Trico users easier access to the facilities.

The Usual Admonitions:

Come prepared with the following: your helmet, which is mandatory, water, emergency information, sun glasses, sun screen, spare tires, tire pump, band-aids, and a lock for your bike should a lengthy stop be planned, Be sure that your bike is in good working order.  You should have a bike bell, your electric bike batteries should be fully charged, and your tires should be properly inflated. Your brakes and gears must be in good working order, and it helps to have a clean and properly lubricated chain.  A mirror is a bonus.

Recheck the ride description after 8 am on the day of the ride for possible ride cancellations or other changes. If the ride is cancelled, email notifications are sent to all riders signed up for the ride. If you are not on the list of qualified (i.e. you  must be a member of FLC Seniors and the cycling group) riders by 8 AM on the day of the ride, then you will not be able to ride with the group.  If you were on the wait list, check for your name on the final list of riders, or expect an Email to confirm that you have been included on the ride.

Last Comments:

You may have received a note from the Level 1 ride coordinator (Doreen M.) which discussed the need for more level 1 ride leaders.  If you might be interested in leading, but are unsure of your ability to assume that responsibility, please let me know in the comments section below, or by Email (see the next line) , and I'll try to give you some guidance before this ride.  There is no obligation assumed by showing interest.

If you have questions, send me a note:  [email protected]



Meeting Location: Trico Centre parking lot (SE corner)
Leader: Dean Provins
Sweep: Volunteer Requested

There is a maximum of 20 riders on this ride.

It is now after 8:00am on the day of the ride. To cancel, please contact the leader directly.


  • Gary B.
  • Louise D.
  • Diane D.
  • Joyce D.
  • Nina E.
  • Juan G.
  • Ken I.
  • Bill J.
  • Jerry K.
  • Doreen M.
  • Anne P.
  • Dennis R.
  • Doreen S.
  • Alison S.
  • Allan W.
  • Peter W.
  • Janice W.