FLC Seniors Workshop Theatre Play

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 7:30pm

Four old timers from a championship team 30 years ago are suiting up for a match against the current Junior team.  Taking place in the arena dressing room, there's lots of reversal of roles played when they were teenagers, and revelations of how life unfolded over the years.  Laughs abound in the locker room, banter between Charlie Boyd, the goalie who took too many pucks to the head, flamboyant French Canadian Francois "Pinkie" Lavac, former team captain Zach Taylor whose NHL dream was dashed by injuries and the team enforcer-turned-English-professor, C.J.Mac Donald

Cost: $ 20.00 cash
Payment & Ticket Pickup: payment made when arriving at the bus for departure/ tickets given at this time
FLC Workshop Theatre Registration Coordinator: JOANNE ANSON 403-278-7616

There is a maximum of 46 participants for this play.
43 people have signed up.

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