Cycling Ride

Level 1

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 8:00am

Thank you to all the leaders  and Sweeps who have volunteered this year.  You are very appreciated. We still require leaders for October 2, 9, 16 rides - if you are able to do one or more please contact me prior to Sept. 22nd.  These rides will be cancelled if the temperature is below 10C at 8 am.  If you have any questions please call me.  Thank you Julie-Ann Biggs 403-249-1999

July 31.         Helena Wilson                Ranche to Carburn Park
Aug 7.           Julie-Ann Biggs              Ranche to Beebo
Aug 14.         John Horan                    Fish Hatchery to Edworthy
Aug 21.         Tyrone Lester                 Glennfield to Chapparal
Aug 28.         Elaine Peak                    Sandy Beach to downtown
Sept 4.          Wayne Nibogie.              Edworthy to Bowness
Sept 11.        Ida Mason                       Fish hatchery to Edworthy                                     
Sept 18.        Elaine Peek.                   Glenmore Dam clockwise
Sept 25.        Sandy Ziegler              Carburn Oark to Inglewood 

Oct 2.          LEADER REQUIRED
Oct 9.          LEADER REQUIRED
Oct 16.        LEADER REQUIRED

It is now after 8:00am on the day of the ride. To signup or cancel, please contact the leader directly.


No one has registered for this ride.