Cycling Ride

Level 2

Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 10:00am

We will start at Edworthy Park's parking lot at 10 o'clock. Ride downstream on river right to Bronco Bridge, cross to river left, continue through Calgary Zoo to the mouth of Nose Creek (at 11.2 km), then upstream of Nose Creek to Fox Hollow golf course (at 15 km). Return to the Zoo, ride through St. Patrick’s Island, take George C. King Bridge to river right, ride upstream of the Bow through Prince’s Island Park and back to Edworthy Park. Total distance about 30 kilometers. Refreshment break at St. Patrick’s Island.

Edworthy Park is located below community of Wildwood.

Driving Directions: drive along Bow Trail SW, turn north at 45 St. SW (Total Skincare Centre is the prominent building at that intersection), after 400 meters turn left at Spruce Drive SW. Gradually curve right around Woodcliff United Church and drive downhill to Edworthy Park’s parking lot (about 2 km from Bow Trail).

L2 Tues and Thurs Ride Leader Coordinator - Hazel Banush 403-203-8118

Thank you to Jiri Bartek and everyone else who have volunteered to lead 1 or more rides.
Dates Still Requiring Leaders are :
Tues - Oct 16, 23, 30. Thurs - Oct 18, 25
Choose a date, plan a ride, phone Hazel to add to our schedule (see Nov 30 Ride Writeup)
Note we have had a number of changes to the schedule. We need ride leaders for Tues in Sept.

Pathway and Road Rules and Etiquette - Ride single file on right side of pathway. Get off pathway when stopped. Be on the lookout for pedestrians, other cyclists and cars. Safety takes precedence!

Meeting Location: Edworthy Park
Leader: Jiri Bartek 403-519-5889
Sweep: TBD

It is now after 8:00am on the day of the ride. To signup or cancel, please contact the leader directly.


  • Jiri B.
  • Rick C.