Olds College

Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 9:00am

Olds College

 We will be going to Olds College for guided tours of the two main garden areas- the Botanical Gardens and the Wetland Gardens.  The tour takes 90-120 minutes The Central gardens are home to specialty gardens designed annually by staff and utilized as a hands-on classroom and work experience for students in our horticulture programs featuring  Rose Garden, Herb Garden, Perennial Border, Monocot Bed, Geographical Collections, Ecological Collections and more.

The Wetlands are spread out over 20 acres with an asphalt pathway highlighting 19 ponds, multiple bridge crossings and a Gazebo on Celebration Hill that provides the best views. There are benches along the way if people need a break.

After the tour we will have lunch we will have lunch in the Land Sciences Atrium.

After lunch we are free to wander through the beautiful campus and any buildings that are open. The College will hand out campus maps so you can choose to see what you are interested in.  The bookstore and the library will be available for us to wander through.

And before we leave, check out the student run brewery and meat market. (Suggested times for meat market and brewery are 30 min each). Purchases can be made – the quality is very good.

Cost: $50
Payment & Ticket Pickup: August 2nd, 1 to 3 pm at the Trico Centre
Bus Departure: South Centre parking lot at 9 am on Aug 15th
Bus Returning: 4:30 pm
FLC Bus Tour Registration Coordinator: Lee Spaetgens 403-278-3470